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February 25, 2014

Welcome to the London Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine!

The London branch of ICEAM was the first international branch established. The first lectures here started in 2006 and were held at the beautiful Old Royal Naval College in Greenwhich, London, UK. In 2009, the Institute moved and ever since has been de-facto housed at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine ( in Reading, UK, where all lectures are conducted. Since starting in 2006, London ICEAM has graduated 15 ‘Diplomates in Canonical Chinese Medicine (DCCM)’, as the first ever in Europe.

In 2012, the London Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine has started offering the full Shanghan Lun Training sequence of Dr. Versluys’ Canonical Chinese Medicine Training™ for the second time. The Institute is also continuing to conduct clinic days where students observe Dr. Versluys treating patients with canonical formulas.

The seminars offered through the London branch are designed by Dr. Arnaud Versluys. But as the first ICEAM branch worldwide, 2012 is the first year that much of the training will be delivered by his team of assistant-instructors from London. For 5 years, Dr. Versluys trained these three fine practitioners and lecturers to deliver his curriculum.

The local director is Laurie Ayres. If you are a current or prospective student or are a patient interested in being seen by Dr. Versluys, please contact the director Laurie Ayres by emailing:

For lecture registration, please visit:

Completion of all seminars of the Shanghan Lun and Jingui Yaolue Training Sequences of the Canonical Chinese Medicine Training leads to Certification as ‘Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine (DCCM)’ by the Institute in Classics in Eas Asian Medicine, USA.